'Welcome to the temple of marble'


Tradition and innovation are sides of the same coin for the international challenge.
In MLM we have always been attentive to technological innovations and to the care of manual finishing.
Today we are a point of reference in the field of ornamental stone production, which we export all over the world.
The strength of MLM is the great flexibility of the production scale that led us to coin our slogan: 'From object to project'
The great experience gained over the years by our workers , allows MLM to successfully tackle very demanding challenges.
The availability of raw materials of absolute excellence, the constant and patient training of laboratory and construction site personnel, the consolidated techniques and habits of management and quality control guarantee the success of any work entrusted to us.

linea grigia


The history of MLM is that of strong passions and great creative force, pervaded by a careful attention to the needs of the customer that allows you to create a perfect symbiosis between craftsman and creative and at the same time to give to posterity masterpieces of incredible beauty and relevance.

We have been able to find the perfect alchemy between values ​​stretched towards continuous research while preserving memory, respect for the material and innovative techniques, our "tailored" approach to the matter makes MLM become a creative gym aimed at the future.

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