The refined and complex projects located in every part of the world represent the main activity of our company. A dedicated department with technical, design and materials research departments with the aim of supporting the designer throughout the entire project process, from budgeting, to implementation and final testing.

We combine the maximum customization of Tailor Made with efficiency and problem solving, thanks to years of experience in large-scale and highly complex projects.

Villas, Hotels, Restaurants, Shops, Spas, are the spaces to which we dedicate a large part of our resources.


  • Montrose Building (Washington D.C. – Usa) 3.500 Mq
  • Hadid Investment Group (Washington D.C. – Usa) 2.500 Mq
  • Hotel Terminus (Napoli – Italia) 3.000 Mq
  • Hotel Como ( Como – Italia) 2.700 Mq
  • Hotel Guinigi (Lucca – Italia) 2.200 Mq
  • Hilton Hotel Heatrow ( Londra – Inghilterra) 5.400 Mq
  • Hotel Albavilla (Como – Italia) 3.400 Mq
  • Nikonos Building (Hiroshima – Giappone) 8.500 Mq
  • Japan Air Lines Central Offices (Tokio – Giappone) 4.500 Mq
  • Royal Hotel ( Perth – Australia) 4.000 Mq
  • Christian Dior Paris ( Parigi – Francia) 800 Mq
  • Sheik Rashed Al Rashed Villa (Ginevra – Svizzera) 1.600 Mq
  • Staedler Center (Berlino – Germania) 5.400 Mq

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