Spazio MADE (acronym for Marble, Art, Design, Events), our exhibition space a few steps from our laboratory is a splendid object of industrial archeology, obtained from the careful recovery of an old marble sawmill dating back to the 50s of the century last, in iron and glass.

It is located in a large green area, now deindustrialized and testifies to the continuous evolution of the MLM brand, attentive to its history and its territory, but always projected towards a future of growth, research and experimentation, where beauty and harmony they guide every business choice.

Spazio Made is not simply a showroom containing over 200 varieties of ornamental stones, mosaics and works of art, but wants to be a meeting and dialogue place dedicated to architects, designers, professionals and simple admirers of design, culture and history. , where creative ideas can take shape. For this reason Spazio Made is managed by Aesthetica, a cultural association founded in 2013 with the contribution of the most beautiful creative minds of our beautiful Apuan area.